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Langley City Councillor - and  a husband, father, grand-father - A pastor, passionate community leader, advocate for others; a concerned member of the community  ...


Each of these describe who I am in relation to someone or something else that I have committed myself to.  My wife Patti and I have been married 38 years, I'm a father to 4 girls; now grown women; and subsequently a grand-father to eight grand-kids  (4 of whom live in Langley. )  While personally we live in the Langley Township - the church  I pastor has been located in the heart of Langley City for almost 40 years.

I come with a range of skills, knowledge and background experience I've acquired and learned throughout my life.   I've lead in Senior Executive Retail Management for three premier retailers - IKEA, Staples and Starbucks throughout the first 15 years of my career.   


The last 25 years I've been serving and pastoring a church in down-town Langley City called "Langley Vineyard". 

We've had the aim to express compassion and care towards our community.   Langley City has it challenges filled with a variety of demographics - but love looks past demographics and work towards seeing Langley City flourish and prosper for all those who call it "home" (regardless of whether they possess one, rent one or even have one). 


 I'm passionate about seeking the well being ALL of its citizens - and my desire is to serve the city and  to make Langley City a City of Hope and a place of promise for all!

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