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My priorities start with LEADERSHIP - and an approach that is dedicated to SERVING Langley City through unity and collaboration.   LEADERSHIP always holds serving in the forefront!


My STRENGTH in leadership has been developed over 35 years; leading in both business and as a Pastor serving the community by gathering and collaborating with individuals, community resources/organizations, businesses, government, and RCMP to create a better everyday LIFE for people living in Langley City - to prosper the city.  

My PRIORITY is working effectively together as a council towards a set of identified common goals, utilizing the strengths, resources and expertise of the community to yield the BEST RESULTS.   

EFFECTIVE leadership is more about an action that serves - than a position that's held.    

Leaders in and of themselves DO NOT possess all the answers, DON'T know the future, and DON'T always know best how to meet the needs within their communities.   THEY ARE THOUGH responsible to work towards each of those things through consultation and engagement to seek the best possible outcome.   It's as much about HOW  we all work together towards our goals as it is WHAT goals its is we're working towards. 

A HEALTHY, POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT  fosters healthy growth.   

Just as in nature, when the environment is healthy, we can plant the seeds, resource what's needed and ANYTHING can grow!   I believe the same holds true when we look at growth within the City of Langley and as a leader and councillor that's what I'll be working towards.  As leaders we're responsible for creating a healthy, positive environment for business/economy, community, and where residents are welcomed and supported at all stages in their lives. Healthy growth always has a bright hope for the future.   



Everyone wants a good life - to have a sense of belonging and enjoy where they LIVE. 

For Langley City to be livable people need a diverse mix of AFFORDABLE HOUSING options, easy and convenient access to recreation, relevant social services, lifestyle experiences and a business environment that's vibrant, entrepreneurial and meets their needs. I want work to make Langley City a community where everyone can live, work and play and with the addition of the sky-train station our offer as a place to live will be even that much more attractive.   Our down-town already is very walkable -  this is a strength that needs to be built on by improving accessibility across the city not just in the heart of downtown.   

MORE information on my thoughts regarding ENHANCING LANGLEY'S LIVABILITY


Langley City already has a dynamic and vibrant business environment - but we we must continue to be growth oriented, seeking to create an attractive business climate that meets the needs of residents today but is looking towards the future.  We need to elevate a unified and fresh identity in the down-town core that builds on Langley City's history and character and to seek innovative and ways to connect people with businesses.     Prospective employers are looking to locate in areas with transit-oriented developments.   

MORE information on my thoughts regarding THRIVING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT


People enjoy living where they also feel safe.   Langley City's "Crime Severity Index" is significantly higher than both Langley Township and the BC average.   We have our work cut out for us to ensure our residents are safe and feel confident in the community in which they live.    We need to ensure we are properly resourcing the RCMP and working together effectively with crime prevention programs within the community.

MORE information on my thoughts regarding we ensure A SAFE COMMUNITY


Our community in Langley City depends on people - A healthy and productive community environment is as much about a sense of belonging, mental, physical and emotional well being as it is a robust business climate and transit accessibility.  We need to ensure we are providing residents with proper and adequate access to services that meet the complex issues of mental health, and addiction issues.   

MORE information on my thoughts regarding RELEVANT SOCIAL SUPPORT



Langley City Council can no longer continue its current stagnant and punitive strategy in dealing with the issue of  homelessness. While a complex issue - utilizing and collaborating with service providers, community organizations, the  faith community and all levels of government we can develop a comprehensive local strategy that is progressive and effective.   We've been doing it already within Langley - we need to build and expand it.   Our community strength, character  and appeal will only be enhanced through a collaborative and compassionate approach to caring for those individuals on the margins of our city - by working to ensure adequate housing and the kinds of support and services they need.   

MORE information regarding my thoughts on REDUCING HOMELESSNESS 

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