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"Google Reviews" ...

We've come to rely on them quite a bit - especially when its about something important - like spending a lot of money, or wanting to ensure an experience will be a special or positive one - be it for a restaurant, a garage or when we're checking out a new store.   

Reviews help us establish through someone else's previous experience whether or not we'll think the person, business or item is worthy of the risk and is credible enough to gain our confidence.    

I certainly hope to gain your confidence and prove to you - You'll be making a GOOD decision in voting for me.   

Here's what a few my "Google reviews" say! 

Val van den Broek  - Mayor, Langley City

"Leith's track record as someone who cares about the city, its people and future - and is committed to working to see progress is without question. His ability to engage the community, listen and work with a diverse group of people - towards a common goal is an every day reality for him.    


Langley City would be served well with Leith White on Langley City Council."



Fraser Holland - Program Director, Langley

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Leith over the past 15 years.  Leith has been a compassionate and dedicated community leader that is always looking to improve the health and sustainability of our community from the most vulnerable of individuals to well-established partnerships with businesses. 

Leith brings a positive and respectful approach to every interaction he has - from meeting strangers to addressing individuals or collectives about ongoing issues. That approach encourages open, non-judgmental, and collaborative engagement. 


He sees the potential of the City of Langley to be a thriving, healthy, inclusive, and sustainable community at every level.


I wholeheartedly believe that Leith White is the ideal person to be representing the City of Langley as the community faces the complex challenges that exist today with all the environmental, economic, and developmental changes that the future will bring.”

Tamara Jansen - Former Member of Parliament , Langley City - Cloverdale

"Leith has a common sense approach to the needs of our community that is a breath of fresh air.  He is a man of integrity, full of compassion, hard working and authentic.

An ability to collaborate with all levels of government as well as between council members themselves is our path to a local community that is able to flourish.  That is and always has been Leith’s mission in life. His work on behalf of families in Langley are proof of that commitment.

Leith White is the right man for the right time and I am happy to support his candidacy for Langley City"


Rod Ross - Langley School Trustee & School Board Chair


“I have known Leith for over 30 years and highly respect him. I trust him to serve and love the people of the City of Langley!”

Phil Jackman - Long Time Langley Business Owner and Volunteer

"Leith White has the experience and dedication to work effectively as a Langley City Councillor
His strengths would lay in identifying common goals and work collaboratively with others for a healthy and bright future for the people of Langley City.  


If you want four more years of the same uninspired leadership we 've had on city council for the last 4 years then Leith is probably not your candidate.


But if you are ready for a dramatic change in the way Langley City does business vote for the one person who will work hard to make things happen  - i highly endorse Leith White for City Councillor!"


Ken Ewert - CEO, Remdal Painting & Restoration Inc. / Elder, Christ Covenant Church


“I worked with Leith on behalf of our church to set up and host an emergency shelter during the extreme cold at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022. Leith is an amazing leader!   He worked tirelessly with many people to overcome the challenges and help us serve those who needed shelter from the extreme cold.

I found Leith to be always approachable, and highly collaborative.


I loved working with him. I know he will bring a strong commitment to serve all the residents of the community of Langley.”

Brenda Wollenberg - Small Business Owner 

As a Langley Township small business owner and former co-pastor acquaintance, I’ve known, liked, appreciated and respected Leith White for well over two decades. I have seen his strong sense of justice and his heart of compassion walked out in “rubber meets the road” practicality, over and over again. Leith is consistent and conscientious in effort and collaborative in working style. He listens, with an open mind, before he speaks, and he works diligently to find common ground on difficult topics and matters.


Leith would be a wise, strong and effective member to bring on board to the Langley City Council. The fact he has a wicked sense of humour would also not go unappreciated!”

Jordan Bateman - Jordan Bateman Vice President, Communications and Marketing,  Independent Contractors and Businesses Association


“Serving on city council should be all about exactly that – serving. Leith White has faithfully served the most vulnerable people in Langley City for decades, quietly making the community a better place for everyone.


He will be an outstanding city councillor, modelling integrity and kindness to all of his constituents, his colleagues on council, and the staff at city hall.”


Kim Snow - Kimz Angels, Founder

Pastor and I have worked together as a team serving the community of Langley for years.   He is so committed to caring for everyone whoever they are - he loves everyone I know he would do the same and be the same as a councillor for Langley City.   He loves Langley - and isn’t afraid to get in there and do whatever it takes to see the best for people, families, seniors, businesses, the working poor and the homeless!   That’s what we need! 


We need more leaders like Pastor! 


Robert Testini - Testini Real Estate, Property owner 

“I’ve known Leith White for about 7 years now. We have both been good business neighbours all of that time. Leith is a truly caring and concerned citizen of our Langley City community. His ability to listen to peoples concerns are second to none. I've also seen Leith not just listening but being a active part of our community with organizing meetings and forming committees to come up with true on the street solutions.


I would definitely vote for someone like Leith White in for city councilor. A real pleasure to call him my neighbour.”

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