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Thriving Business Environment

Langley City already has a dynamic and healthy business environment, but we need to continue to foster and orient it for future growth & prosperity; aiming to create an attractive, thriving, business positive environment with progressive policies that support and attract businesses which will continue to drive our future growth and sustainability.


Our downtown is one of Langley City’s greatest strengths and potential attractions; something for us to continue to leverage for our future development and growth.

There is no other centre in the Langley area which possesses the identity and accessibility of a downtown area like we have.

This is one of our greatest potentials to build on - enhancing and maximizing it to become a centre of community, business, transportation, entertainment and family experiences in the city and region.

We need to elevate and expand a unified, fresh and engaging identity in the down-town core utilizing mixed use zoning that builds on Langley City's history and character while also seeking innovative and dynamic ways to connect people with businesses


We had some success with different festivals and events - and the economic impact for our local business is great. Our Arts Alive, Jazz Festival and Food and Fork are examples of this but I believe we can further increase our draw from the wider Langley community and the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas by further expanding on these and even more festivals and events which will also benefit and enhance community life and culture and economic health to our business environment.

There is certainly room for a Family and Children’s Festival, or an event celebrating the diversity of our community’s cultural diversity which introduces the community to food, culture, music, art and entertainment from around the world - with of course plenty of economic spin off to our local businesses. All of this is a unique offering Langley City could offer that is not available anywhere else within the immediate region and a potential strength to leverage our City into an entertainment, retail and a live event experience.

TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT and its impact on business.

The benefit of the Sky-Train into Langley City cannot be overstated. This is another key priority for Langley City’s local economic development.

Prospective employers are looking to locate in areas within transit-oriented developments - areas of development with housing, jobs, public amenities and social services located near high quality public transit - like the Sky-Train which in turn, will help cultivate healthy, sustainable, communities with a vibrant business climate.

Helping people connect with our downtown core will be essential with the advent of the Sky Train Station and must be a priority and focus for us.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to connect and talk. I’d really appreciate hearing more of what you have to say on CREATING A THRIVING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT in Langley City!

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