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RELATIONSHIPS matter in life.  We know it's true because it's what keeps us going - we're just wired for connection - in our personal lives, work, play or otherwise.   That doesn't make having relationships easy - but everything tends to function better when we value relationships. 


My track record in life demonstrates this - my value for relationship -  I've been married for 38 years to my wife Patti - I've loved & served the same faith community "Langley Vineyard" for 25 years and have been apart of the Langley community - serving and building relationships to create a better, stronger and healthier community.

As a COUNCILLOR for Langley City my value for "RELATIONSHIP" will be essential in every aspect of leadership.    I'm committed to expressing value and appreciation for each relationship by respecting and honouring staff, council and the community of Langley City  expressed in all individuals, families, businesses and community partners I'd be serving while seeking to enhance relationships with all levels of government - municipally, provincially and federally. 


SERVING OTHERS is a key to healthy relationships.   Valuing RELATIONSHIP means there's no room for being  SELFISH or EGO - so learn to SERVE.   In Life, love,  leadership - the key is SERVING others.   I've spent most of my life serving others - in my personal life, in business, the faith community I serve and the Langley Community at large.  That means there is no task or problem to small that I can't in someway roll up the sleeves and help address.      


As a Councillor for Langley City my value for "SERVING OTHERS" would be expressed towards the community of Langley City at large - and to lead by example through the relationships 

LISTENING & LOOKING.  If you want to learn how to SERVE OTHERS - talk less - listen more (Looking is listening with your eyes).  It says you value the other party - what they think and what they're saying.  A leader needs to be listening to people's concerns - looking ahead to address challenges and potential obstacles.  As a leader - looking out for the interest of those I'm serving helps ensure I'm effective and responsive to current and future needs.    

As a Councillor for Langley City my value in "LISTENING & LOOKING" towards the needs and concerns of those I'm serving come through being available to individuals, businesses, community organizations and other community service providers and seek ways to enhance opportunities for engagement  and deepen relationship and trust  as we work together towards making Langley City a thriving community.  

DIALOGUE is the genuine result of listening & looking; an honest exchange of thoughts & ideas between one another.  Communication is helpful but isn't enough on its own because its the one sided, imparting of thoughts & ideas.  Dialogue engages, connects and brings understanding; which moves people closer together - crystallizing goals and common values.   

As a candidate for Langley City Council my value for "DIALOGUE" will be expressed through thoughtful , intentional & meaningful engagement - enhancing relationship with my community of Langley City, other municipalities and levels of government. 

COLLABORATING is the key to making things happen and making a difference.   

Its about moving beyond just the honest exchange of thoughts and ideas to working together, each contributing in their own way to help make things a happen or become a reality.  Collaboration is also the testing ground of all of the above behaviours and values.   I have a strong commitment to collaborating with others - because it really does work better that way, its more effective, a yields a better result.  That's called "synergy"  and through my years of serving the community I've learned collaboration is key to great results.     

As a Councillor for Langley City Council my value for "COLLABORATING" will be expressed through working together with the mayor, other council members and the community at large - organizations, service providers and other levels of government.   

MAKING A DIFFERENCE is all about improving, enhancing and making a positive impact for the benefit of others and in the end of course - the City of Langley.    We're more connected than we realize.    Our decisions, actions and behaviours ALWAYS have an impact on others - negative or positive; so why not strive to do what's best, make the most out of what opportunities we have, each contributing the best we can.  That's making a difference; for today and for the future.   My commitment is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the City of Langley!

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